About Me


Coding is my passion.

Never in my life had I ever imagined that coding would be something that would make me so happy. I had always dreamed of becoming a pharmacist which seemed appropriate since both my parents are pharmacists.
Eventually, things worked out differently than I had imagined and I decided to learn something new; about 2 years ago I decided to give coding (C++) a try, and it clicked. I love all the logic and the problem-solving; there is always something new to learn.
Since then, I started learning Unity and it just got better, now I could bring all my visions and thoughts to life in a game, I love the feeling of creating something from scratch and turning it into a stunning and amazing-looking world.

My specialties include problem-solving, creative thinking, quickly learning new skills and programming languages. Currently, I am proficient with C++, C#, and Unity and have intermediate skills in SDL, OpenGL, and Lua. Additionally, I am working towards gaining further knowledge in Python and JavaScript.  
From coding, I have learned that no matter how difficult a problem may seem, there is always a way to solve it.  I plan to continue learning and improving my skills to achieve my goals, and I will hop on any opportunity I have to do what I love.



My Projects

Dundas app


Dundas App is a mobile application being designed for the Dundas Municipality of Canada. The app aims to encourage visiting touristic areas around the Dundas municipality, featuring various minigames and activities.




An open-world, Sci-fi horror game focuses on player vs AI gameplay. Taking inspiration from the likes of Alien: Isolation, it operates as a game of 'cat and mouse' as the player attempts to evade and outsmart a trio of demonic creatures in an underground lab facility.

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western fps


A  cool Western Style impostor multiplayer FPS



A 2D game engine made with C++, using Lua and SDL libraries.

Implements an entity system to allow for adding game objects, supports sprites, fonts and sounds and etc via SDL.



Networked software capable of fetching, organizing and manipulating databases based on user specifications.